Beam splitter plates

Strahlteilerplatten (rund, elliptisch, eckig und als Keil)

(round, elliptical, angular and wedge-shaped)

  • Round profile for use at 45°.
  • Different coatings possible (VIS and NIR)
  • Ideal for diffuse axial illumination and in-line illumination
  • For beam splitter plates with wedge:
  • Wedge angle to minimize internal interference
  • Beam splitter ratios on customer request
  • Optical glass, quartz or Zerodur

The beam splitter plates manufactured by Fleige Optik consist of optical glass, with one surface carrying the splitter layer. An anti-reflection coating is usually applied to the reverse side to avoid disturbing images.

The wedge-shaped wedge beamsplitter plates are designed for an angle of incidence of 45°. Each beam splitter has an anti-reflection coating on the back. The beam splitter plates are optimized for the visible spectrum and are offered with different splitter ratios depending on customer requirements.