Semi-finished parts and cut to size

Fleige Optik Präzisionsoptik offers prism semi-finished parts, round discs, rods, filters and sheets as well as pre-cuts of various geometries made of optical glass (e.g. quartz, Zerodur, float glass or borosilicate glass).


  • Round discs
  • 90°angle prisms
  • plan sheets
  • filters
  • Prisms of any kind
  • quartz rods

Fleige Optik will also be pleased to advise you in the field of precision optics for your semi-finished parts.
Other geometric shapes (special productions, individual productions, prototype construction) as well as first small series are possible on request.
We offer an advantageous framework agreement with annual call orders (individually worked out for you).
Highest precision and reliable/fast delivery times are our trademarks. Since 1937, this has ensured us long-standing customer relationships with very high customer satisfaction.


Quartz from SK1300 and SK1310 (company Ohara)
Quartz from NIFS-S (Company Nikon)
all common optical glasses (company Ohara, company CDGM, company Schott)
crystal blanks, e.g. magnesium fluoride, barium fluoride, sodium fluoride